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Rockwell Automation
Sanitary and Nonsanitary

IES is an authorized Rockwell Automation System Integrator. We not only provide the tanks but our automation specialists also program and install your tank control systems and solutions with Rockwell Automation Controls. 

Whether you need a storage tank, batching tank, or a tank to hold a chemical for processing, our automation specialists can serve your needs.

automation specialists


Complete CIP Systems

IES Automation Specialists provide proven equipment for Clean in Place systems.

You benefit from sanitary control solutions that increase your production time and decrease your cleaning time. But you also have to meet increasing sanitary regulations to keep your plant operating up to standard.

Our CIP Skids provide:

automation specialists


Batching Tank Systems

IES Automation Specialists Provide Proven Batching Control and Hardware

You need a design and management system in place that prevents all the problems that can arise when maintaining tanks. We design and program batching tank systems for the controlled quantities of liquid you need to be separated into separate vessels.

Our process takes every aspect of your particular tanks, budget, and situation into account. All while factoring in the design, data, and long-term costs so you get the best solution possible.

IES batching control and hardware includes:

automation specialists


Wastewater Control System

Automation helps you handle data collection, reduce operating costs, and achieve optimal production plans. We have over 20 years of experience programming and installing wastewater control systems that meet industry standards. All while cutting back on damage risks, malfunctions, and down time.

Our wastewater control systems include:

We'll help you with your automation and programming needs. Contact one of our automation specialists today.