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About IES

25 Years Of Industrial Electrical Solutions from Expert Automation Specialists

Automation and expert electrical solutions help you increase production, use less energy, lower your environmental impact, and reduce cost.

At IES, we provide top-quality electrical solutions to automate manufacturing and industrial facilities. Our automation specialists have a wide range of expertise. They work with you to design and implement the right control systems for your unique needs.

Whether your project is large or small, we have the means to manage your entire electrical system design and installation for you.

Why Work with Us?

We provide electrical solutions that help you reduce cost, increase production, use less energy, and lower your environmental impact.

Personalized Projects

We are flexible and deliver solutions that fit your specific needs and budget. Plus, we have the unique ability to provide all your control system integration without searching for additional subcontractors.

Expert Design, Enhanced Production

We program innovative solutions for repeatability and consistently enhanced productivity in your plant.

Safety is #1

Operator and employee safety is a top priority in our designs and control solutions.


We work with with the most advanced technologies for innovative, creative, and energy-efficient solutions. All while saving you in long-term costs.

What We Offer

Comprehensive Industrial Electrical Solutions

electrical solutions

We integrate all of the physical and virtual components of your systems so you have smooth operations that improve production, lower energy consumption, and reduce your costs.

electrical solutions

At IES we provide complete electrical and motor control install plus specialty maintenance and repair services that keep your industrial solutions running productively and safely.

Our automation specialists are ready to help you create the best solutions for your needs.