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High-Quality Industrial Electrical Programming and Installation

We’re committed to providing top quality, reliable, and responsive electrical solutions and services.

Since 1996, we've served the major industries of the Southwest with high quality installation and professional workmanship that delivers everything you need out of your electrical solutions.

Our mission is to be the best solutions provider for all your electrical needs – from small wiring projects to complete plant and machine automation. We know how to take your needs and turn them into fully functioning systems that are reliable, productive, and safe.

We are licensed to complete all phases of building wiring from the ground up, as well as any electrical additions including services, motor control, and distribution of electrical systems. Plus we have extensive experience in prototype system design, application for automation, and product development.

Our Founder: Gary Crippa

Managing Director: Toby Shaver—Senior Master Electrician with IES with more than 20 years of experience in industrial wiring and controls.

Trust our expert electricians and automation specialists to handle your system processes and issues

Experienced Experts

Work with automation specialists and electricians with at least 10 years of experience programming and implementing systems.

Top Quality & Care

We know you have a lot on your plate. We take care of your project in a cost-effective and timely manner so you can focus on the other pressing concerns of your business.

Locally owned Arizona contractor

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Need expert design, wiring, and install for your systems? Our specialists are here to help.

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