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System Integration Programmed by Top Automation Specialists in the Southwest

System integration help you get the most productivity out of your plant. We program, retrofit, and integrate new PLC systems to modernize your solutions. Benefit from working with experts who have over 15 years of experience in design, building, and installation, of PLC, HMI, and PC based control systems.

systems integrations

Programmable Logic Controller

We install brand new PLCs for your system, or make program and interface changes to your existing programs.

Human-Machine Interface

Whatever type of HMI you’re working with, we program and install HMI solutions so you can efficiently control and coordinate your plant processes.

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition

We design SCADA systems so you can track and make use of essential system data.

System Integration Services

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UL 508A

With strict safety and regulation requirements, you need cabinets and wiring you can rely on and fit industry standards. We are a certified UL 508A panel shop for control manufacturing and design.


We install SCADA systems to monitor and control your plant equipment efficiently and effectively. No matter how simple or complex your system needs to be, our approach to programming and retrofitting SCADA systems is flexible so you get exactly what you need out of the process.

Remote Telemetry

Remote telemetry is an essential component of your SCADA systems. It links your SCADA systems with your user interface, to ensure you have all the information you need about output, productivity, and system operations. We program RTUs that serve your remote monitoring needs, and offer flexible solutions to create plans that are unique to your situation.

MCC design and Installation

The motor control centers of your systems are complex and essential to the productivity of your business. We specialize in Rockwell Smart MCC and Square D MCC to provide you with the best solutions on the market. Learn more about our MCC brands for design and installation below.

Rockwell Automation Smart MCC

Rockwell Automation is a leader in motor control systems. Smart MCC allows you to make better choices and more effectively track what’s happening in your machinery. Improve productivity and avoid motor failures with the advanced and secure technology from Rockwell. We design and install your Rockwell Smart MCC so you get the most out of your machinery’s performance.

Square D MCC

The Square D MCC provides automation and power distribution efficiently and economically. The compact design meets safety standards and is used across a range of industries. We program and install Square D motor control centers for an automation solution that’s reliable and energy saving.

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